China is my fatherland. I have been away for twenty years now, but because I had spent the first twelve years of my life in China, it is still very much part of my life. Over the years of finding my identity and learning about sustainability, I have reconciled with China on so many fronts. Yet a large part of my pursuit still remain to be confronted. I have compiled a list of blog entries I have referenced my nostalgia for China. I hope these random thoughts will not only help me understand China, but it may help you see China in better ways.  Jin


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My Wife's Entries

乐观 (Lè-Guān), On the Brighter Side of Things. 


Working Papers:

What Virtues and Formalities Can Do For Corporate Social Responsibility and the Chinese Rule of Law?  [仁 礼 誠 人 | 人 必 治 法 | 法 修 其 德 | 德 必 治 國] (This paper is no longer available online because the paper is removed and published by the European Journal of Law Reform.)

Blog Entries:

李煜: 浪淘沙 (with translations by Jin Kong) 

Chú hé <锄禾> - the Drudgery of Wasting Food

醉眠 - Turn the World Inside Out.

Think Well of Us and Judge Us Not Too Harshly

The Human Ecology - a Process of "Becoming" an Improved Human Experience

Corporate Social Responsibility Report from China.

Supply Chain Sustainability and China's Choices.

Our People, Our Planet, Our Social Economy - We Decide.

A Rough Glider's Tour of Sustainability and Food Safety Rules in China.

When China meets the west, the river turns its current a new direction.

Xinhai Revolution and Occupy Wall Street - what we do matters.

Sustainability and Chinese Existentialism – Steve Jobs and Andy Rooney

Photo by Jin Kong
Made in the U.S.A. - a BIT between China and the U.S. ???

Shark-fin soup and my bluntnose friends.

“China will continue to overindulge”

Water for elephants of the Beijing Zoo.

The Chinese environmental laws.

Water, health, habits - the Chinese tales of a glass of water.

No Packaging.

A perpetual existence of the good life

It’s not where you are but what you make of it that counts.Mao's Wall and Social Media, sustainability of the human experience. (Updated 7/13/2011)

What it means to be American.

The imperfections of sustainable thinking: childhood's China and the reality of the situation.

Bicycles and showers, the curious culture of my new home.

You will never hear a guy say "let’s talk about shoes," but that's exactly what I'm going to say.

Green buildings and the bubble economy - the Chinese Connection.

Wild grass for each Spring.

The darker side.

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