Thursday, November 11, 2010

Say no to feedlot pollutions

I recently attended the Hoosier Environmental Council’s “Green the State House” event. (Please don’t ask me what a “Hoosier” is.) In any event, it was a sobering experience to hear that it is not likely for this small group of dedicated environmental activists in Indiana to make a significant impact on the legislator. Put it bluntly, we are not likely to make the legislatures change their policies anytime soon because there are just so few of us who wants to change the way we think sustainability and business.

But what is more disturbing, borderline nightmarish, is the fact that things in Indiana will only get worse.

One of the guest speakers is a lawyer, a fellow veteran (a Marine but I won’t hold that against him), and environmental advocate. He became a fisherman after retiring from the military, but soon discovered that his rivers were polluted by the feedlot operations in his state. He showed us horrific pictures of fishes’ flesh eaten off by various bio-pollutants from the feedlots. The pollution destroyed the fishing industry, the tourism industry, and severely polluted the land in North Carolina. You can visit NRDC's site to find out more:

That is not the end of his story. Apparently, these feedlot operations are being kicked out of NC by the state legislatures. Well, it is no surprise that Indiana had rolled out the red carpet for these feedlot operations to come and continue their ill-regulated activities. At the same time, they will be out-competing the small farming operations that employ sustainable methods of raising livestock. I have nothing against farming, but these feedlot operations are FAR from being farmers. They squeeze as many livestock as they can into enclosed rooms, inject large amount of hormones into these animals just to increase profit. They don’t care about the consumers who are actually eating their products, nor do they give a pig’s ass as to how much they can pollute the land. If they get kicked out, they will just move to another badly informed state and continue their dirty business.

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