Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Find a tax rebate for your green life style

I don't do product reviews. This blog is not intended for product reviews. However, once in a while someone points me to a product or service that I will gladly pass on to the readers.

Here is one:

There is a handy new web tool from Ennovationz that will help you find tax credits, rebates, and state and federal incentives for living in a sustainable way. Their website lists your local energy efficiency rebates range anywhere from $25 to over $1500, depending on the item and local programs. I typed in my own zip code and found some useful tips about switching to a energy efficient refrigerator.

Just to give you a fair warning: Ennovationz is a Silicon Valley startup. That means they are commercially driven. They help connect consumers to their best green and energy efficient providers. The company has a database of over 5000 incentives -- tax credits, state programs, utility rebates, subsidized financing and more -- offered by 750 providers nationwide. The Ennovationz website also has a compare-my-bills feature, which can help residents figure out if their energy bills are out of line with similar homes in their area, and personalized recommendations for energy savings. The company is led by Martha Amram, a noted energy expert and Steven Ashby, who brings years of consumer marketing experience to the green sector. Ennovationz' offerings are free to the consumer. Check them out at www.ennovationz.com.

P.S. I've also put their widget on my blog in case you want to try it.

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