Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the Green Local Movement

rethink(i3), iCube, is entering into an agreement with Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPUI , under a pilot project (IDEA) to use local multidisciplinary student talents to create a Green Movement for the state of Indiana. This movement will focus on bringing together various businesses, non-profits, and individual entities to create a ongoing conversation about sustainability and healthy living with a specific focus on the local economic recovery. We hope to create opportunities for employment, equalize environmental and food injustice, and create a market research data-bank to facilitate and grow Indiana's sustainability market.

IDEA (Innovation and Discovery Experiential Academy) is a multidisciplinary, active-learning internship that uses real-world experiences to build students’ confidence, knowledge, and understanding to become future inventors and business leaders. The IDEA Internship is a partnership between two units of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (the IUPUI Solution Center and the IUPUI Center for Research and Learning) and the project sponsor, Rethink(i3), a local, Social Entrepreneurial, start-up company. Student interns will work as a team to research, plan, and develop an innovation for the sponsor that will bring together businesses, nonprofits, and citizens active in the “green” movement.  Under supervision of the IDEA management team, the sponsor, and faculty mentors, the students on the IDEA Internship team will be responsible for research, planning, and development of a new business application and prototype.
In addition, The Green Elephant Blog  (www.thegreenelephant.us) is in discussions with other Green minded bloggers to start a Citizen Media Publishing project to engage the topic and create a unified national movement.    

we are very excited about these upcoming projects and we encourage you to contact us and find out how you can participate.

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