Saturday, February 12, 2011

I had recently asked Ariana, an accomplished musician, what it would take for us to start living in sustainable ways and do what we can to help conserve and protect our planet. She kindly offered her thoughts. I thank her for the conversation, and don't forget - conversation is what changes the WORLD! 

- by Ariana Kim

For me, we must leave the comfort zone that most Americans have with their grocery shopping experience. I am still working on this myself! Having access to produce that would never grow anywhere near the Midwest 365 days/year is something that we've become accustomed to. It is something that many people see as an absolute. The fact that a brand can trigger familiarity (and gives us comfort so we could buy things without critical thought), shows us that it's more about encouraging people to question and critically think about their "staples" rather than bombarding them with change. If the corporate song-and-dance between advertising moguls, investors, and store designers settles down, better-quality, sustainable food would be much more accessible.

What if locally created, organic honeys and syrups were cheaper than Mrs. Butterworth? What if the 6-pack of Coca-Cola was more expensive than the 12-pack of Jones natural sugar-cane soda? And what if there was a rack of Jones soda placed front-and-center as the first thing that everyone would see as they waked into a Kroger with a huge, yellow sign that read "Sale!" -- how might this affect how we shop? Advertisers often talk about the food market being "consumer-driven," but in reality, it's just the opposite. If we can start removing ourselves from the comfort zone to which we've become accustomed, my hope and feeling is that advertisers and corporations will follow. Let's try it and see!

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