Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video kaleidoscope.

Tuesday was a long day for me, 14 hours of non-stop work, school, and other crap that life threw at me. I took yesterday morning to relax and practiced being mindful. Well, my excuse to just sit back with a cup of coffee and watch some videos online. Allow me to share my fantastic voyage into the video kaleidoscope:

The first has to do with my recent struggle with changing fundamentally how I live. Not that I want to eventually become another no-impact man, but that I want to help others live in better ways by first helping myself:

The second came from a friend from the coast who produced the video; (I caution you to make your own judgments, but I suggest you take the message seriously: practice responsible consumption). There is a free version you can download, but you can also make a donation to their organization and download the full director’s cut version.

The common theme in these two videos that helped me through my doubts about taking action and living in better ways: believing that you have to immerse yourself into the things you believe; you have to take action, but only immersion can help you identify responsible actions you must take.

No one here at The Green Elephant believes we have the right or the necessary knowledge to tell you how to believe or what to think, but we owe you the responsibility to help you recognize the necessity of your actions for the welfare of humanity and our nurturing planet.


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