Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before and After: Hardcore Pawn Stars, who are the Celebrities of Reuse.

(Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn)

We hear it all the time these days.


I forget sometimes that aside from reducing to recycling, reusing goes beyond just washing our zip-lock bags and saving glass jars. But what keeps me from reusing are some deep rooted false belief that I'm somehow better than the concept of pawning. But I realized I am one of those "I don't care" people and think I should buy things new. I realized I was wrong after Lauren had threaten to set up lawn chairs and serve popcorn at a local pawn shop after watching the new pawn stars from Detroit on TV.

She was excited for all of the drama that happens, fashionably decorated with memories and stories embedded in items we could reuse. She looked at me and said seriously, “reduce, reuse, recycle; right?”

I agreed. The thought of setting up recliners at a pawn shop with some popcorn intrigued me. It also made me wonder if I would actually enjoy finding out what items are being reused, and why. May be I can figure out what other items can be reused by the community, and how we can lower the overall economic and environmental impacts of making these things by just REUSE THEM.

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