Monday, March 28, 2011

From New Orleans to Indy, a tale of two cities (Act II)

Sometimes it’s easy being a veteran and having a cause. People tend to listen and they are more receptive.

But sometimes it’s hard being a veteran and having a Green/Sustainability cause. Veterans are not suppose to be Green, are not suppose to care about the environment. Veterans are all suppose to be gung-ho trigger-happy simpletons.

Well, not this one!

Neither are the veterans in New Orleans, or the rest of the world for that matter.

Veterans are idealists, leaders, defenders, and team players. Most veterans are admittedly hotheads, but that’s why they are the first to volunteer to fight and defend what they perceive as worthy.

When Katrina devastated New Orleans, it was the veterans who committed to the city and came back to work with everyone on rebuilding New Orleans. They saw it as an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a new life for veterans and a new hope for the city.” If you haven’t seen what New Orleans is doing, you are missing out on a truly amazing transformation and a grand vision. The entirety of their efforts is focused on sustainability in all aspects. For veterans like Bill Detweiler, this is what he has to do for his country and his community.

So I ask that every veteran pick up the initiatives and think how we can help transform our nation and our communities by innovation, leadership, constructive knowledge sharing, and active participations. I ask that you think of these things in sustainable ways, not just as the trendy foodies have thought, but as true citizens would care. I don’t want you to be just another person screaming about the “Organic” labels on food. I hope you see the need to shape your communities with solid foundations of a sustainable society. Not every city has the once in a life time opportunity as New Orleans has had, but every city can use a Bill Detweiler to champion a worthy cause.

Thank you for your service and your leadership.

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