Monday, March 28, 2011

Kaku, Sagan, and everyone else – a transformation and the necessary faith in humanity.

A redesign of our culture and society based on carrying capacity of the Earth: not the carrying capacity of politicians, businesses, not of any religion or nation.

Lately I have been down. My writings reflect that mood. I bitch, I gripe, and I am counter-productive. All because it is so hard to find people who can see what I see and understand what I am trying to do.

The projects here at The Green Elephant and iCube are not just about food, or just about mobile applications. We are not focused on profit. We are focused on a SOLUTION, a process improvement thinking, a holistic approach to our Sustainability Crisis. I cannot stress that enough.

When I explain my ideas to others, I lose them in the technical jargons of Six Sigma (an industrial method to improve process and production), development cycles, and content and constituents resource managements. I lose the business people because they don’t see why this has anything to do with Green or Social Problem Solving. I lose the non-profits because they think of themselves as catalysts, not the actual agents of change. So I continue to bash my head against the walls on both ends . . ..

I am not crazy. I checked. There are others who think like me and they are all over the world. They are scattered, but have managed to come together in major metropolitans like New York, Toronto, London, Paris . . .. They are creating many creative common projects just as I am, and they are rallying around the necessity for a social change.

We are the stewards of LightSource, a vision to innovate the process by which we innovate... We will do this by "transparently-engaging", "recursively-focusing",and "holistically-uniting" the core tools, practices and approaches that help people lead fulfilled and sustainable lives.

This morning it struck me: I have all of the tools I need to make this happen. They may be thousands miles away, but the Internet has made that distance irrelevant. I can still make an impact here in Indiana, and I still believe that it does not matter where you are but what you do to make a difference. In the mean time, I just simply have to believe:

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