Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclar meltdown of the man named Nate Dogg.

Everyone is watching Japan.

Lauren and I had been talking about what is happening in Japan. When we learned the Bank of Japan (BOJ) is planning to buy its own debts from the citizens, and reinvesting in rebuilding, we realized an inevitable bright future for Japan. I do not intend to offend, but I thought we look on the positive in this situation and dare we suggest a hope.

A few days ago I had posted about a Bio-Medical district in New Orleans. It is the stereotypical rise-from-the-ash story, but is a story that moved me. The whole project is entirely focused on sustainability. I briefly scanned the information on their site and I thought the city’s vision is the most sensible and comprehensive sustainable planning I’ve seen in the US in a long time. I am sure it won’t be perfect but I suspect it is high quality planning. It had all made sense because if the American People is willing to reinvest $350 million dollars into the project, they are sure to have put together a dream team of engineers, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and investors to safeguard that investment. If we are to spend it, we may as well spend it wisely.

I am eager to see how New Orleans’ sustainability planning deals with their unique geographical disposition. They are wise to see disaster planning and emergency management as a part of the Sustainability problem.

I do not intend to offend the Japanese People, but from the rebirth of New Orleans, I can see Japan's opportunity to seriously develop sustainable technologies and talents just as New Orleans is trying to do. As China rise to demand that technology and talents, I have no doubt Japan will find a warmer relationship with China – a hopefully more cooperative relationship. As our world develop climate problems, no doubt island nations will be interested in how Japan’s sustainable building and energy technologies will help them cope.

I have hopes that the BOJ will focus on Sustainability development. Their rebirth will give us, as a specie, significant advances into believing in a sustainable future. I have no reason to believe otherwise. The Japanese People is inherently kind and keeping with Eastern philosophies, I know they will develop new ways of living in harmony with nature. I hope to see Japan pull through this as a proud nation, and as a people I hope they innovate solutions for the problems they face.

From this hope I see a reminder to Americans: nations are getting into the Sustainability and intellectual capital race in a huge way. China has been working hard turning their national propaganda towards “Green” hoping to encourage their students to innovate. But the socialist environment does not foster innovation, so they are heavily depended on importing that intellectual capital. It is about time that WE as a people and a nation recognize that the opportunity and the challenge. If we are to continue dominate in the social development that fosters democracy, we have to compete and protect our economic and environmental survival. I believe in this country’s ideologies. It has its inefficiencies but at the price of our individual freedom. I rather this society dominate global economics and politics so that the rest of the world would enjoy the level of human rights we enjoy here. That’s why we want your attention and your involvement. We as a people must rise to the occasion and help reshape this nation as New Orleans have, and continue to dominate global economics and politics so we can continue the message of fundamental human rights and democracy. I don’t think a New Orleans is feasible for every American city, but every American city ought to look at its Sustainability planning as a whole: including emergency management, responsible consumption, and energy efficiency and independency. I hope those are just the beginning of the list of things we will achieve.

In my life, I have come to see there are a few ways of dealing with disasters:

we run away;
we confront the problems head-on;
we fail and we understand why and we grow to confront the problems yet again.

I prefer the last option - it is the reality. I wish for New Orleans’ success and Japan’s rise from the ashes.


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