Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another lazy week at The Green Elephant

It's a busy time for me, so I will insult your intelligence by pulling content from others . . . I apologize.

This is a short but educational one: Sustainability explained (please note the reference to "quality of life" - a basic human right?)

Click here to see what the The Scientific Research Society has to say about Sustainability.

". . . industrial metabolism, dematerialization and decarbonization, life-cycle planning, design and assessment, design for the environment, extended producer responsibility, product stewardship, eco-industrial parks industrial symbiosis, product-oriented environmental policy, and eco-efficiency . . ."

See, for example, Industrial Metabolism: Theory and Policy, Ayres, R. U., pp. 23–37, and other papers in The Greening of Industrial Ecosystems, ed. B. R. Allenby and D. J. Richards, National Academy Press, Washington, 1994, and The Industrial Green Game, ed. D. J. Richards, National Academy Press, 1997.
I think I've found some more reading material . . ..

More information about the journal can be found on the World Wide Web at Many of us hope that this growing system view of industry and environment will continue to have a useful influence on industrial practices.
I would only add: and a significant impact on consumer practices. Now which drives which? are the consumers in charge and responsible or the industry? or are they both jointly liable to Earth?

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