Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Edge.

I respect U2. Bono and crew have done a lot of charitable work around the world. I first came to respect them for their work with Amnesty International. I have also seen their support for Live 8, ONE Campaign, (RED), Greenpeace, and Make Poverty History. Over the years, I have also come to like their music and thought I’d be happy there are sensible media pop icons that doesn’t just represent riches and spoils of the privileged few.

But this morning I hear on NPR that Edge is trying to build five massive mansions on an environmentally sensitive hillside above Malibu. His intention is to build them to LEED specs and meet the highest sustainability standards.

I’m sorry, did I hear that right Mr. Edge? You want to disturb what little natural habitats we have left of our world for your ego while you hide behind the label of sustainability and a million dollar donation to conservation organizations? Isn’t one of LEED’s principle credit paths focused on site selection and avoiding virgin lands?

Should I be angry with you or with the conservationists who actually took your million dollars in exchange for their silence/support? Should I be afraid that you would corrupt the LEED standards because you have millions of dollars more to throw at them? Are you better than the rich Washington donors who paid for their executive appointments as ambassadors? Corruption is the same whichever way you look and corrupting our environment is just as bad as corrupting our political infrastructure. I’m sorry Mr. Edge, but I have to think you are out of your green mind for wanting to build and I think the California Coastline Commission is in their right to reject your application.

I know you have millions more after you buy off the conservationists and the USGBC. You can buy smart lawyers who can make clever arguments to win a court case so you can build those five massive mansions for your host of buddies to feel better about your money and yourselves.

But I will no longer support that cause. I may pirate your next songs if they are just that good, but I doubt I will care enough to listen to your music any more…

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