Monday, June 27, 2011

Project ECHO - Threshold.

Watercolor, Pen & Ink 9X12”

KEEPERS OF THE THRESHOLD: It began with two entities grabbing me and throwing me down into a hole. The feeling is apprehensive. I am helpless.

The two beings drag me into the woods and throw me into a pit. The visual images tell of a struggle, interlocking arms and pushing feet. I resist going into the hole but I slide down. My feet and toes are rigid against the moist dirt. The strength of the two figures forces me downward.

The supernatural beings are keepers of the threshold. They stand as the guardians of the ascension of my spirit. If I approach the gateway unprepared, the guardians will slay me. Because of my blindness, I will be unable to move beyond the paradigm. Tied to static reality and desire, I must go back into the earth. I am not ready for this. The hole will swallow me up and I will go into the abyss of my soul. Something must happen. A reckoning must take place lest I will be lost forever. The seeds are scattered in the hole. They fall down and plant the future germinating the proper conditions for the soul to grow again and be reborn.

This idea progressed into an entire group of sketches about this individual’s fate after he is captured by the guardians of the threshold. They escort him outside. They throw him down where he is beheaded. The guardians take the head of this mortal man and place it over the cave that leads to the realm. His head becomes the symbolic barrier between the realm of the spirit and of the world.

FOUR MEN & TWO RODS - Mark Smith
Watercolor, Charcoal, Pen & Ink 23X29”

             Watercolor, Charcoal, Pen & Ink and 23X2”

The Threshold – by Jin Kong

I have talked to many combat veterans since I returned from Iraq. I get a sense that some have tried to unleash their raw emotions in their own unique ways to let go of their frustration and confusion.

But I get the sense that most of them don’t want to make sense of their confusions, of the time they spent watching children die and mothers cry.

Their head does not serve as the barrier of their threshold and they are pushed into a world of drugs and destructive raw emotions.

to be continued . . .

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