Monday, June 13, 2011

War of the Roses: Barbie vs. Ken

Recently I wrote a short blog about the U.S. Marine's GREENS (Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System). I had declared that there should be a mandated military service for everyone but only predicated on the fact that we rethink the role of our military. Call it something else, Star Fleet or what have you, but preserve the competitiveness of a military culture and orientate the missions towards creating a sustainable culture as opposed to sending young men and women to wars killing each other for who knows what.

But I guess my artistic license offended some of my liberal friends. I eventually conceded to their point on the ground that voluntary service achieves much better focus, success, and effectiveness than a conscripted force. I guess I took my artistic license too far and made it a threatening thought for a few people who would vomit uncontrollably when the concept of military culture is even considered.

I guess I am a little different than my hippie peace days. I still believe in peace, but I also recognize the reality of the human condition - one that depends on the threat of violence to feel the need for innovation.

Perhaps I am a radical positivist and I would rather believe that everyone would enlist in a "Star Fleet" and serve their time for the benefit of others. Perhaps I am a radical pessimist, looking at human beings as incapable of innovation in the pursuit for science alone. Either way, I was wrong to ask for a social order to drafts men and women into service against their will. It's a semantic mistake on my part, but a big stink with people who misunderstands my intent. But they are entitled to their views and all their bags of sensitivities. To them, conscription is important enough to voice angry opinions.

Fair enough. I would like to correct myself. Please consider voluntarily changing your ways towards sustainability. Don't let this nut job recruit you to a cause. Start your own cause. Don't get drafted to Green. You should be intrinsically motivated to make a sustainable future for everyone. 

LEED is a voluntary and private program and it is gaining momentum. I would like to see more of us help shape a consumer culture that voluntarily take up responsibility for our mother planet. 

Like Ken, who just recently dumped Barbie®

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