Thursday, July 7, 2011

Afternoon Market Watch

Two news items caught my eyes this afternoon:

Dole Launches a Sustainability Website

DOLE launched a new online tool fully integrated into its corporate website. It pecifically emphasizes Dole's four pillars of sustainability (Carbon Footprint, Water Management, Soil Conservation and Packaging) in addition to Dole's environmental and labor practices and community programs.

DOLE also built an interactive section, called "explore" invites visitors to become more familiar with some very specific corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives developed at the local level, worldwide.

"Our new website focuses less on policies and more on results. For example, we have a dedicated section concentrating on metrics, where our carbon and water footprint assessments have been posted. This section will be updated on a regular basis, following the gathering of additional information aimed at measuring our performance in the sustainability area," 

Sylvain Cuperlier, the Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Dole Food Company, Inc.

SOURCE: Dole Food Company, Inc.


Green Globe International appoints Christopher M. Kimmes to the Position of Interim President

Green Globe International, Inc. announced today the appointment of Christopher M. Kimmes to the position of Interim President of the company.

Mr. Kimmes is Founder and CEO of Green Globe, LLC, a highly specialized market development engine focused on nurturing and empowering those involved in the sustainability industry.

A graduate of Regis University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Mr. Kimmes began pioneering the "Green Lending Initiative" at one of California's largest and most reputable banks. As Assistant Vice President and Business Development Officer, Mr. Kimmes was tasked with attracting personal, wealth management and commercial banking relationships.

Mr. Kimmes is considered in many circles to be the green expert relative to global landscape, alternative capital sources, innovative financial structures, incentive based opportunities and connective resourcing. He is also a co-founder, advisory board member, advisory committee member, founder, and a member of several prominent green associations, including the United States Green Building Council, Los Angeles Economic Development Committee, Clean Tech Financing Forum, and the U.S. Trade Development Agency.

Mr. Kimmes commented,

"Green Globe has a rich history which I am eager to begin utilizing as the base from which I work. My purpose is to develop a clear and consistent message, which will highlight the company's global brand and broaden both its capabilities and service offerings. The goal is to deliver something impactful, meaningful and achievable that will further assist all of those within the sustainability industry and businesses that are striving to make a commitment to sustainable practices as we concurrently work to build value for our shareholders."
Green Globe International, Inc., through its 88% majority ownership in Green Globe, Ltd., a UK corporation, is the owner of the Green Globe brand, the recognized leader of sustainability certification and benchmarking programs. Green Globe International is structured as a holding company and expects to continue to align with or to acquire environmentally oriented companies that add value to the public company and its shareholders.

SOURCE: Green Globe International, Inc.

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