Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fair Fish

We've known there isn't going to be enough fish in the sea for us if we continue our crash and burn mentality. The US government is trying to figure out how to control the fishing industry and save us from the impending doom.

Good intentions, but I guess the problem is not what the government wants to do; the problem is how they want to do it.

They are proposing a catch and trade system - the same system that destroyed Canada's fishing industry. 

"If privatized catch-and-trade systems become our primary fishery management tool, the results will be similar to when family-run agriculture became massive industrial agribusiness: traditional fishermen – and their crews – will be forced out of work, economies of related communities will crumble, there will be increased risk of ecological harm to our oceans and consumers will likely end up with more industrially produced seafood on their plates."

The proposed alternate vision: FAIR FISH.

Fair Fish meant to preserve the fish resources to the public and sensible fisherman will maintain control of their own fish resources. Fire Fish is a stance against big industries taking over with a crash and burn mentality that is unsustainable. The proposed method will implement an allocation process that will favor smaller-scale, more environmentally friendly, community-based fishermen. These fishermen will grow the value of their catch by supplying the market with local quality seafood. Revenue generated from the use of our fish will help to fund better fishery management and habitat restoration to keep our natural resources productive for the long-term.

Take Action now to make fair fishery management a reality in the U.S.

One More Dead Fish.

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