Friday, August 26, 2011

F?nix - geo-exchange and new patent hopeful.

F?nix Energy, formerly known as Geocon Energy Solutions, has a pending patent on a new geothermal technology that can retrofit buildings and high-rises with geo-exchange within the footprint of the building. This is huge. There hasn’t been a cost effective way to retrofit the old office buildings with geothermal. The best we could manage on a popular scale is changing a few light bulbs to energy efficient ones.

It doesn’t take that many people to change light bulbs and it will take a lot more than changing them to really make a meaningful impact on decreasing our dependency on nonrenewable energy.

"When we started the company, just over a year ago, we saw there was an opportunity to transform the way geothermal heating and cooling was approached. Although geo-exchange is a proven technology that has been around for decades, there were barriers and limitations to the traditional approach that made it less appealing, particularly in high density cities, despite it being arguably the best sustainable climate control solution for the built environment,"

Edward Smith, President and CEO, P.Eng, LEED® AP.

The company’s new patent is the culmination of their “collective mechanical engineering, sustainable design, energy and construction expertise.” The technology and their soon to be patented process makes them “the first and only firm in the world that can retrofit a high-rise with geo-exchange within the footprint of the building.”

This should be big news in the LEED community, and this can potentially shape a new wave of home remodeling business in the future. Making geo-exchange feasible for old office buildings will give the technology market entry so it will mature and perfect for private homes – it’s only a matter of time. Currently, there are four million buildings in the U.S. that could benefit from this. I’m not aware of any official count of Chinese office buildings needing this kind of retrofitting, but you can imagine the possibilities. With China’s recent focus on sustainability, and its first LEED office building, Agenda21, I can only see the market for F?nix get stronger.

Our buildings today consumes more than a third of World’s energy. They also contribute to half of our GHG emissions. If we can revolutionize AND retrofit our office buildings with green technology to reduce that burden on the resources and environment, I’d say we have to get excited about it. The EPA also recognizes geo-exchange technology as the "most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available."

To help reduce the burden on our resources and our environment, the company is committed to

"making a difference and in providing solutions that deliver value for our clients and the environment, so the decision to tackle one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, our buildings, was simply a logical one. . . ."

Co-founder Ross King, Senior VP and COO.

About F?nix Energy: Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, F?nix Energy specializes in providing sustainable energy solutions to urban centres, for both retrofit and new construction projects. Using a combination of built environment expertise, industry leading technology and an evolutionary approach, F?nix delivers cost-effective heating and cooling solutions that reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and strengthen the bottom line. F?nix Energy's turnkey geo-exchange system simplifies the installation process by offering single-point accountability throughout the entire project, from concept to completion: analysis, engineering design, installation and commissioning.

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