Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Storm hits Occupy Wall Street - a sign of the winter of discontent.
"We knew this would be tough. We didn't start this as a sort of summer of love, it's the winter of discontent."

Alan Collinge, 41, (Seattle)

I’ve gained much respect for the Occupy Wall Street movement in the last few days. This new snow at the end of October will test the strength of this movement. I have nothing but high hopes for them.

Learning more about the discontent and their movement, I thought to be sympathetic. More importantly, I thought of their role in the global sustainable movement. I often find myself asking “what will this movement do for the eventual goals of sustainability?”

It’s interesting times we live in; accelerated environmental impacts coupled with exponential growth of communication make this transition period critical to the survival of our human experience. Less we work together, we have no hope – what we decide now will impact the generations to come. Yet, OWS seem to call for more division in these troubled times. I guess I’m just a pessimist, but who am I to say anything: actually finding something that I can do to contribute is hard work. Anything is easier said than done.

So I dismissed the OWS in the beginning for their disorganization. With this early snow storm signaling a rough road ahead, I know OWS will be tested in more than just one ways – more so than I can say for the Tea Party’s humble beginnings. I now have more respect for the movement as something that will endure – a transition that marks, at least for me, the long-term political impact of these like minded people.

Yes America, a fourth political body is emerging. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I hope it’s something of a mix for capitalist optimism with a core sense of social responsibility and cultural and social respect for all humanity – equity to the best of our ability that does not simply put the burden on welfare.

OWS at first hand seemed a disorganized venting mechanism, but I should have had the wisdom to know that given time order takes over by majority opinion; it’s about time we have a fourth political body joining the debate and move the gears of democracy. Our alternative would lead to conceding to some form of autocracy (banking or otherwise) – an unacceptable alternative.
Stay warm my friends, take some time to reflect on the significance of your movement. Tomorrow is a new day – following winter is always a Spring.

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