Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We the People demand that you OWS take care of our Constitution.

Down with big government, take back the commons, in solidarity we unite and we DEMAND

--signed, your #ows protester. 

But what do those words mean? I hear people argue anything from complete removal of all forms of government, to just removing the ones or parts they don’t like, or worst, to wanting the government pay for their drinking habit.

Who gets to decide what kind of government we should have? What agencies to preserve what to offer to the chopping block? How should our tax dollars be spent and what businesses should we encourage?

Isn’t that the jobs of our politicians? But we are a free people, and we like our independence more than anything. In that independence we slid the scale back in our favor for capitalism and progress and we say “We the People” governs. Private rights are preserved in contracts, free and independent from government interference. Business carried in orderly fashion because it was in the best interest of all parties represented and protected by the lives of eighteen year-olds soldiers and marines who thought they were dying for something completely different.

To the credits of business negotiators, they do their due diligence and agreements are often fierce, intelligent, comprehensive and cooperative; businesses interests preserved and profit maximized for all sides concerned—less those not represented at the negotiations. Even the lawyers walk away happy, fat, and paid.

Why can’t this take place in the political arena?


Where are the interests of We the People in these private business negotiations?

What about your rights and mine when the kind of material are chosen to package a dozen eggs, milk, or a loaf of bread? Who should voice our concerns to the lawyers about our health, fair and equitable opportunities, impacts to life, liberty, etc., in these boardroom festivities?

Or does privacy really means a sort of exclusive 1% club only a few can belong and you and I are only to sit in the dungeon to wait our fate and the return of a Spanish Inquisition?

Representation translates to power to equalize ladies and gentleman; and it is my opinion that the level of representation we lack causes our sustainability crisis—economically, environmentally, and socially.

Not only have our politicians failed us in the political process to cooperate and progress, they have failed to adequately protect us in the private realm that which our Constitution aimed to protect—against the tyranny of the few.

That’s why you all are upset right? That’s why there is such a thing as Occupy Wall Street? You are not rebelling because of the actual existence of bankers and politicians, you are protesting because they are not doing their jobs, right?

Call me an immigrant, because I am, but explain to me why would we elect people to office in the first place? If not to carry out the jobs of representation to sit at the negotiation table with the powers that be and say:

Hey you, private interests, listen up! I know you are making billions in profits and you employ thousands in the process; but stop giving me this crap about you are not liable for the public at large.

If you are making a good living off the backs of the poor, making them suffer the worst of environmental, social, and economic conditions, then you must act like the caretakers and take care of your people. Or we will pass laws to have the courts enforce such things against forced labor, aiding and abiding foreign government in murder or causing arbitrary disappearance, seriously polluting our waters and air and causing the slow and painful death of our people.

And for those who would entertain the idea of completely rid of government and corporate interests, being a self-professed anarchist that I am, I ask you: what then?

What would happen if we be rid of all government and corporate interest? Do you suppose that we just wall ourselves in our territories and arm ourselves and then rob and pillage our own?

It is precisely because we felt the need to protect people against such tragic things that we formed the United Nations, we declared the Universal Human Rights, and we forced our politician’s hands to sign and ratify protection against torture, to protect civil and political rights, to protect women and children. Believe all the conspiracy you want, but I happen to think the idea that a world of people can gather and work together to promote such things as fundamental principles of equal rights and self-determination a good thing. I happen to think international peace and security is necessary and progress can be a cooperative thing.

I believe in those things the same way I believe it’s a good idea for a nation of people to come together, elect sensible officials to sit at the table with the power that be and say: We the People are represented, they wish to have adequate rights protected under the Constitution and various international norms of human rights enforced. We are here to represent We the People and we ask you to play nice and be responsible for the profits you are making. Or else may the Constitution be your only protection.

--signed, an immigrant wholly confused about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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