Friday, January 20, 2012

Time Must Have a Stop

Why any quick-witted and sensitive person should feel ashamed of having said good-by . . .  he couldn't imagine. The sordid intrigues behind the scenes! The conscious or unconscious hypocrisy of every form . . . ! The asinine stupidity of that interminable repetition of the same absurd over-simplifications, the same illogical arguments and vulgar personalities, the same bad history and baseless prophecy! And that was supposed to be a man's highest duty. And if he chose instead the life of a civilized human being, he ought to be ashamed of himself.

I've always been one to dream: my grand kids calling from the far reaches of the universe and telling me of their strange encounters of the wonders of another galaxy. I know we can't get there on fossil fuel, but I've always thought the power of human ingenuity and imagination will power our spacecrafts.

Some day, at a far far away place, as time have stopped for the wonders of humanity, as we no longer fought wars, no longer killed each other for greed, for ignorance, for inhumanity; someday that we would be able to say that we have not only improved our own planet, but we are making a difference on another--that we have achieved, we have arrived. 

There's only one corner of the universe we can be certain of improving, and that's our own Earth. So we have to begin here, not outside, not on other planets. That comes afterward, when we've worked on our own corner. -- Time Must Have a Stop

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