Monday, May 7, 2012

Life belongs to US. - by Lauren Campbell Kong

 Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.
                  -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Green Elephant is undergoing a change. I, Lauren Campbell Kong, am taking over the primary writing responsibilities for TGE. My husband Jin will be taking a break for the summer to pursuit his career and his personal readings and writings; in the mean time, I will keep the blog going.

The Green Elephant has been a wonderful experience for Jin. He has grown as a writer, learned how to write for an audience, and has shared his views on the environment, sustainability, veteran issues, China, among other things. He has learned so much and has had the opportunity to share with others what he has learned. This is what I hope to accomplish with taking over the GE. I hope to share with the world my interests, my passions, and my dreams; I hope to learn and grow as a writer and in the process give something back to the ever-attentive blog readers out there.

So with this post I want to introduce myself. My writing style is much different than Jin’s and my topic interests are also different, albeit we both love the environment and sustainability. I hope to bring new topics to the blog, topics that Jin does not really have experience in. I want to explore social issues, including women’s rights, as well as environmental and cultural issues. The topics will most often revolve around the environment, that is where my passion resides; however, I tend to take a more psychological approach, which is my training and background.

Finally, I ask for patience from all of you out there. This blog is a process, as it was for my husband, it will be for me as well. I hope that all of you stick it out with us as we make this change to The Green Elephant and I hope that my passion for life, love, and laughter can bring you some freshness to your reading.

After all, it is not about the end product, but about the journey of getting there….

So, please sit back and enjoy the ride.

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