Thursday, July 5, 2012

Market Watch: Green Hotels- By Lauren Campbell

A new partnership was formed today. Adoba Eco-Hotels and Suits have joined forces with Interface Hospitality. The hotel chain will begin using Interface Hospitality’s carpet tile for floor covering for their properties. The carpet is made from recycled materials, is EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified, LEED certified, and climate neutral-meaning all greenhouse gas emissions are zeroed out during the carpet’s lifecycle.

Interface Hospitality is a branch of Interface, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile. Interface Inc. has been around for 39 years and is currently setting the industry standard for environmental sustainability, shooting for zero impact on the environment by 2020

Adoba Eco Hotels and Suits is the hotel industry’s first “Green from the Get Go” independent LEED certified hotel brand.

“We encourage our property owners to sources many of the decorative accessories locally and we recommend the use of interface carpet tile for its green construction as well for the company’s ability to recycle the carpet at the end of a product’s lifestyle.”
--- CEO/President James Henderson

This comes as no surprise from Atmosphere Hospitality Management, owner of the Adoba Eco Hotel Brand; based out of Denver, the new hotel management company is very progressive and innovative, as well as experienced. They have managed different properties, restaurants and independent resorts. Sustainability is their passion and they have used that passion to gain a significant lead in the green sector of hotel design and construction.

With more green sector partnerships forming, especially in the hotel industry, keeping a lower carbon footprint while traveling is becoming easier and in the process providing all the amenities to which guests are accustomed. 

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