Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Echoes of a Time

Today we remember the echoes of a time.

Poem by Li Yu (AD 936-978): Lang Tao Sha (Waves Scouring the Sands)

帘外雨潺潺,  春意闌珊.
梦里不知身是客,  一晌贪欢.

独自莫凭栏, 无限江山.
流水落花春去也, 天上人間.

Rain drips and dribbles outside these curtains, spring withers away.
The thin silk quilts could not stand the frigid dawn.
What once dream I dreamt of being a honor guest, I clench to those pleasures in vain.

I must not lean alone by the railings, I do not mourn these lands. 
A land I left so lightly yet so hard to return to again.
As blossoms shatter on the rippling waters, spring is spent; heaven on earth remains.

translated by Jin Kong, 2014

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