Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sabali, Patience.

Here we are. In the only world we’ve ever known; in the one and only precious life we were given to exist in this world. This one is for the people.

Scientists, doctors, psychologists, and experts; everyone wants to tell me what makes me healthy, what makes me happy. Everyone shakes the trees and waiting for the fruit to fall; everyone has a stake in the matter and everyone has their two cents in the story told. Everyone including me has a mind of our own, but where do we think we have original thoughts?

So I read, I listened, I sang the songs I don’t know because this one is for the people. I try to live in healthy ways, following the sage advice freely printed on pages so cheap that cost children their lives. I live happily, ignorant of the facts to be sold.

But the experts still can’t tell me how to save my soul, how to ignore the savages in villages, how to mask the living images of ribs of the little kids and dead body turn cold.

I hold my breath, my lips turned blue; I hold my pulse, my heart grows old.

I eat what the two dollar nutrition books tell me is good for my muscles; I drink water polluted with plastic bottles. I breathe the air from smoke stacks so build for the florescence lights in my home. I sank my feet into the ground so saturated with GMOs. I smile because anything else would be so uncivilized.

I follow instruction booklets and I build my life in pieces like an IKEA purchase; where do these screws go?

I dream, I fear, I enjoy what precious time I was given at the beginning of this journey. Along the way, I discovered that where I’ve started will be where I will be in the end—a life is a life given and taken, a life taken is a life granted with opportunity to seek that only thing which cannot be sold.

I held bodies that turned cold; I held souls from which warmth cannot be described. I grow old, my patience grows young. I live across lands, on different continents, discovering that we are all the same, all the wiser if we so chose.

“This goes to all the wisdom and knowledge seekers of the World

Sabali, Patience.”

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