Thursday, October 10, 2013

Environment Ohio: Getting involved - by Lauren Campbell Kong

Jin and I have finally settled into our new home and new location. Moving was tough for me, but what was hardest was finding organizations in the city that I could get involved in. In Indianapolis I was very active with the Sierra Club, specifically the Beyond Coal Campaign. When we arrived to Cincinnati I was surprised  that the Beyond Coal Campaign doesn't have a presence here; especially since Duke Energy’s headquarters do. But, after some digging and with due diligence, I finally found an organization: Environment Ohio (EO).

In Cincinnati, the EO is working towards local and state politicians supporting the EPA’s new carbon emission standards for existing power plants.  While definitely a tangible goal, local community members and business owners must also support this cause and they will. Cincinnati is seething with an underground network of environmentalists; which is why it was so hard for me to get connected in the first place. It almost required me turning over rocks, literally. Thankfully EO greeted me with open arms.

Environment Ohio is a branch of Environment America, a federation of state-based, citizen funded environmental advocacy organizations. With support from people in the community, Environment America has been crucial in getting environmental progression underway in our country and with continuing to educate individuals on the environmental issues we all face, they will continue.

Now that I have finally wedged myself onto the environmental scene here in Cincinnati, I look forward to seeing what other types of progressive measures we can take to support our environment and our community. I also am looking forward to being able to share my experiences with our readers; as I get to know the city of Cincinnati, I hope you do so as well.

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