Friday, October 17, 2014

Speak to the World.

We have come to identify the norms of social hierarchy with the professional paraphernalia of social control. Justice, is not exclusively vested in the formal institutions of the law or political intrigue. But we insist there is a world of difference. The conventions of a social order are important but they are only conventions of our choosing.The authority of power is subject to our common human experience. No social, legal or political institutions exists apart from the normative narratives that give meaning. 
Once the narrative is properly communicated and understood in context, the legal and social political institutions becomes not merely a system of order to be observed, but a world in which we live happily.

We are now
not in the nostalgia of a chance for better politics,
induced by the early successes of conquering,
but in a rather grisly dawn,
when it has become apparent that
what triumphant laws have done
is to merely mask the real danger,
painted over by
the dull broken walls,
or actually deteriorated

Adaptation from Aldous Huxley

Yes. we support a civil Umbrella Revolution. 

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