Monday, February 9, 2015

The Right Thing To Do - by Lauren Campbell-Kong

Since moving to a new city I have really gotten involved in the professional world. From working for a small marketing firm, to working on projects with local municipalities, and to joining the boards of different organizations, I hoped somehow I would make a difference in my community and ultimately a difference in the environment we share as a whole.

But as I learn to operate the "professional" sphere, I found that the discussion of money and the single bottom line are more prevalent than any other aspect of the professional culture. Even in the non-profit organizations that I volunteer for, money is the main focus. We do have to stay within budget after all, that I understand. But is money really what professionalism is about? Hoping there would be more to being a professional than just making a few dollars, I try to bring a bit of unconnected happiness to the office (donuts for the office is my crowning moment perhaps). I could babble on about my experiences, my issues with the corporate world, my emotions, and the kind of donuts I brought to folks at work, but instead I want to share a video: this gentleman said what I wanted to say and can possible write here in a much more eloquent manner.

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