Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inspired by Ricardo Semler and the Cinnamon Journey

Death is slow and comes in small pieces day after day without you noticing. It can come in an explosive IED, a cancerous cell, a car traveling in the wrong direction driven by a guy who drank too much because he was afraid of life. Death catches up with you one day and then you start to wonder why you hadn’t noticed it and what you can do about it now. Naturally you think you can actually win against death, that somehow you are going to live forever, that you are different from all those others who died before you. So you start to think about what you can do: spend money on expensive cancer treatment, travel to some strange part of China for a homeopathic remedy for that tumor, etcetera and etcetera. You do everything but acknowledge the fact that death is imminent. Over the years, the human race has gotten very good about cheating death for the rich and the privileged. We put air bags in our cars so we can avoid the tough question why we drink and drive and are afraid of life. We research and create toxic treatments to sustain unbearable life with tumorous symbiotics.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but NO ONE escapes death. Sure, you may cheat it by a few seconds, a few days, a few weeks, and if you really live a healthy life and have a good attitude then you can cheat death by a few years if you are lucky. But in the end, everyone dies.

Are you afraid of this blog post yet?

Well, don’t be afraid. If you are afraid then your judgment is skewed and you end up wasting time being counterproductive. You end up spinning your wheels avoiding death and then when you finally accepted its inevitability you spend time being depressed regretting what you could’ve done. Trust me, it’s a waste of time. So the first thing you can do in life is not be afraid of death. From there, you can start to answer the only question that matters: why am I here? But that’s a more complicated question and I leave that to another day.

Photo by Mareta Kusumaningrum @ thecinnamonjourney.blogspot

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