Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Social Capitalism in an Open Economy - the synthetic biology narrative.

Altruism – The very first question to ask about social capitalism is whether altruism (being self-disinterested) is a moot point in a market economy? Or can there be self-disinterest for a purpose greater than the economic good that will render possible the offer of compromise to escape the prisoner’s dilemma or the tragedy of commons?

The first question assumes market economy and altruism are mutually exclusive. I leave you to that debate. The latter I think is possible in therapeutics – the “broad idea of everything done to protect or improve someone else's health”; because therapeutics is by definition self-disinterested. Also because of its anthropomorphic nature, an awareness of impact on the global ecosystem also presents opportunity for the economy of therapeutics to move the entire economic model into a more balanced state – by definition sustainable.

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