Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reclaim Philosophy.

Philosophy is not a bad thing. It takes on a bad rap. It is not taught in schools any more, so I guess it's just more often misunderstood. As I come to see, it may be one of the reasons why we are faced with a global sustainability crisis. Because we just don't take the time to think anymore. Not that we lack the kind of instructional-thinking, they are common in establishments. But we lack the kind of unhinged and mindful thinking. The kind that poets drink and painters take intravenously. The kind that is looked down upon because it's “too philosophical” but would elevate the pursuit somehow and therefore threatening.

So yes, we neglect to “mind the gap” so to speak. We pride ourselves on being pragmatists after all and philosophy is useless. In our busy lives, we'd much rather embrace religion and let someone else do the thinking for us. Keep the thinkers in their ivory towers.

Yet when preachers preach only to the wealth he is entitled, when matters of personal affairs are more important than spiritual awakening in these establishments of gods, our religions are relegated to being mere tools. Philosophy being the only re-tooling method is all the much more important. Otherwise we are doomed to perpetuate the worst in our enemy's eyes.

St. Elijah's Monastery
Today, the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq was reduced to rubble by the Islamic State. I had visited the St. Elijah's Monastery of Mosul on Easter, 2005. It was a memorable experience. The whole day had seemed quiet and peaceful. I long to return one day in the future as a mere tourist, but that is no longer possible. I sat in mourning for a brief moment. To me, “mind the gap” seemed all the more important.

Not being too philosophical is the reason for extremists to be all the more religious. Not being too philosophical is why monopolies are able to be more powerful. Each group has recognized to some extent the power of philosophical minds and are using them to the extent they can for their own perverted interests. The fall of St. Elijah's Monastery resulted from a lack of our philosophical courage to confront religion; the fall of modern civilization results from the same lacking but to confront ourselves.

Reclaim philosophy my friends. Be it for your business, for your church, for your community, for your country, and for this planet we call home. Thinkers and doers are not mutually exclusive. Ivory towers must have doors and stairways down to earth. Thinkers and doers are dependent on one another, in fact symbiotic.

Reclaim philosophy and remain ever vigilante.

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