Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aisthanomai - dot(Us)

To perceive is the first of everything. What is this experience, how does it affect me, how can I impact it? Perceiving is believing, and believing is the first step to achieving; so all things starts here.

It is also an aesthetic exercise, not a mere logical one. We often neglect this and prefer a worn logical path void of any feelings. We are taught this way in schools, universities, work places, and society generally. Look where it has gotten Us? We follow instructions, calculate without thinking, and have now come to near a point of no return.

We constructed cognitive dissonance between Us and the world, between mindfully perceiving and ruthlessly calculating, and we chose to ignore the walls between Us.

For fear of the reflective aesthetic attitude we may have, logic was invented to curb the dangerous appetite of anger, of destructions and self-fulfilling apocalyptic prophecies. For fear of social disorder, we constructed and willingly accepted social stratospheres to dumb down the masses. We are thus less willing to challenge the status quo, are risk averse, and are fed media for consumption, stories for private gains, and entertainment to outlet our dispassionate emotions devoid of meaning and purpose.

But there is more to life and our common human experience, isn't there? We want a better world. We know profits and gains has to be measured in multi-dimensions—money isn't the measure of everything. We are inventing and creating new ways to doing economics, to measuring success and happiness, to make money not for making money's sake but to make it to facilitate the living. Most importantly, we know we have to come together on this. It's not just the governments, not just the corporations, not just the do-gooders, but all of Us. It will take the collective, the capitalized: Us!

We have been collectively at this for our entire recorded history, in various forms and fashions. We have labelled it as religion when we are devoted, as philosophy when we are enlightened, renaissance and revolution when we felt the need to do something. Most recently, with the advent of globally connected technologies and the Internet of Everything, we are calling for sustainable changes, zero waste and circular economies, for crowd actions, pulling resources, inventing new structures, gathering strength, Anonymously and unanimously turning the tides. All over the world we are letting a voice be heard: the myopic is no longer the starting point of perceiving. The new globalization is a flatter world connected, a new people without boarders or corporate affiliations; distributed masses living alternative independent arrangements, empowered as individuals, collaborating for common core moral upticks—for Change.

Take down the walls: prosperity is for the collective experience, and progress is not limited to the “either/or” type of thinking. It is expanding to become the “we/together” mentality that will prevail.

Together We stand and contribute in everything we do, in everything we feel. We no longer believe doing good is just an after-thought, that fear is a mere reaction, something we achieve after we have polluted and made millions exploiting others. Doing good is a way of life, a practice of becoming, the Aesthetic of all things: the antithesis of fear and exploitation in that we are embracing our fellow human beings, other living things, on this common planet we all call home. Doing good is a “We” thing, it's an "Us" thing. It's a story told in the digital connected age—an inspiring story. We are remembered not for the self-interests from which we all start, but for the ending in better societies, smarter communities, and finer things in life worth the individual struggles of our daily trials and tribulations.

To perceive is the first of everything. Start perceiving and let's get to a better place together. It's why we are here on this pale blue (dot) planet in the middle of nowhere of this universe, isn't it Us?


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